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Basics History and Origin of the Mancala Board Game

��Fundamentals, History and Origin of the Mancala Board Game

Mancala is a count-and-capture board game with an ancient heritage. There are hundreds of variants discovered around the planet. The playing gear can be as simple as stones or seeds as the playing pieces and holes dug in soil or boards with holes as holding cups.

Basics of Mancala

* Players: The game is played by two players.

* Age Range: It is proper for ages eight and above.

* Playing Time: It requires about 15 minutes to play a game, ideal for a coffee break.

* Genre: Mancala is an abstract board game.

* Designer: It is a public domain game with roots that can be traced back to in between CE 500 and 700.

* Publisher:�Since Mancala is a public domain game, it can be published by any organization. Great wooden sets are frequently accessible for significantly less than $15. Leading-notch Mancala sets can sell for much more than $50.1:41Watch Now: Every little thing You Need to Know to Play Mancala
Mancala Gameplay in Short
Players 1st place an equal quantity of seeds (the quantity varies by the particular game becoming played) in each of the pits on the game board. On a turn, a player removes all of the seeds in one pit and then deposits them 1 at a time in the following pits, like one particular pit at each end of the board where the seeds are "captured" by the player who controls that particular pit.

At the finish of the game, the player who has captured the most seeds is the winner.

It's essential to know the�rules of simple two-rank Mancala, also known as Kalah. You may possibly also want to brush up with these technique suggestions for Mancala.

Origin and History of Mancala
Evidence of Mancala games have been located by archaeologists in Aksumite Ethiopia in Matara (now in Eritrea) and Yeha (in Ethiopia), dating back to amongst CE 500 and 700. The word mancala is derived from the Arabic

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